AbuseMe Pornsite Review

With a name like "Abuse Me", what do you expect? This site focuses on some of the most violent and horrible fantasies that most people have. The abuse is on an all-new level, as there are scenes that turn real women into pathetic, worthless pieces of fuckmeat. True cock sleeves that have no other purpose other than to give the person who watches them complete pleasure during the session. Such a horrible thing, right? Well, even though some people find this kind of content horrific and misogynistic, most people tend to enjoy scenes that come from this exciting website. It's the sense of taboo that is at the core of these scenes, and if you've ever had a truly mind-blowing experience with a woman that has masochistic tendencies, then you know what that means. All the visuals are just so much more intense and vivid. Every girl orgasms and that's not an accident. They really are at their horniest while getting abused in a rather intense fashion with true gape and hardcore pain-induced orgasms.

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