Anal Sex Sites Reviews

This category contains reviews that cover the hottest anal porn sites. Yeah, that’s the category that revolves around heavy-duty buttfucking, gape, and first-time anal delights. The anal porn category is surprisingly not very big. IT is very popular, but it’s not very big. We did our absolute best to discover some of the best pornographic sites that put assfucking front and center and some of them are definitely worth visiting while others should be avoided at all costs. The most popular offshoot when it comes to anal is hardcore anal. What makes it so “hardcore” anyway? The fact that it’s more brutal? Yeah, that’s it. The biggest difference between regular assfuck sites and hardcore anal sites is the fact that hardcore anal porn sites are actually in the business of providing a truly violent product for the ages. Hardcore anal sites are only rivaled in popularity by first-time assfuck sites. Guess people really like discovering and re-discovering the pleasures of anal sex through the eyes of absolute beginners.