Buttman Porn Review

This site is not a big deal. It's not a groundbreaking platform or anything like that. That said, Buttman.com still is the place to go to for a steady stream of hardcore anal. You'll find a lot of scenes that don't look like anal porn that you can find on those lamestream porn tubes. The scenes take it a step further and that's what makes them so fucking good. The women are all passionate and they fuck like crazy with their puckering sphincters wide open. Don't underestimate the rawness factor! You will be amazed by how much it will improve the view. It might be intense, but some people are hungry for that visceral entertainment. Anyway, you gotta appreciate what the women are capable of in terms of anal acrobatics. The Buttman himself is no slouch either, but thankfully he doesn't appear in every scene. The biggest issues that you might have with this site all stem from the fact that it doesn't update nearly as often as it should. Enjoy the action and don't hesitate to see hot women get fucked anally (sine it's a unique perspective on anal).

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