Haze Her Review

College hazing is an intensely complex process that leads to an overwhelming array of extremely intense and incredibly shocking consequences. However, it can also be sexy. Lesbian sorority girls can do some nasty shit in front of the camera and emerge as some incredibly intense pornstars. Sometimes hazing goes both ways, sometimes we just get to see fresh-faced newcomers senselessly debasing themselves in front of their mean sorority sisters. The women on this site have that raw edge to them. They're not bothered about being classy or meeting the standard of what we expect from top-shelf porn - they clearly get their jollies off by making other people do demeaning things. The best thing about this website is, of course, its variety. Even the humiliating tasks that the girls are forced to do to other girls are a lot of fun to see. What's truly bizarre is that all of this isn't even the main attraction. Of course, the hazing can get many people off, but the fucking that ensues is even more humiliating and intensely sexual. It's really good.

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