Mia Khalifa Pornstar Review

Even though Mia Khalifa retired from the scene a long time ago, her impact is still very much felt today. She was one of the most popular porn stars during her time, frequently finding herself at the top of the list of the hottest or most popular or most searched porn stars for some time. In the days when the term "Lebanese pornstar" felt like an impossible oxymoron, she was the real deal. She was one of the first porn actresses to achieve a level of popularity not seen by anyone else in the industry. Her movies were enjoyed all across the Muslim world because she was the one who popularized hijab porn. Yeah, it's every bit as taboo as you would imagine and that's what makes it so arousing. The idealism that Mia expresses is also quite inspiring and that's why you should definitely check out her personal website. The pornstar puts in a great amount of effort and you will never be disappointed. You will watch all of her movies and probably masturbate to them for days and days. There are no updates, though, sadly.

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