Freaky Fembots XXX Review

Freaky Fembots is a story-driven XXX site that explores a fairly interesting kink. Can you guess what it is? You may be able to guess that the answer is "robot fucking." Yeah, that's right - the fembots are robots or androids that are delivered to various kinky dues that end up fucking the machines. It's a fetish concept that can range from outlandish to unapologetically kinky to unintentionally terrifying. There are a lot of different scenarios in this series, which makes it all the more interesting. In one of the latest releases, a guy purchases a masseuse fembot (played masterfully by Alex Coal) and gets to fuck it and experience a very happy ending. Of course, every scene is well-acted, well-edited, well-directed, and looks gorgeous in 4k Ultra-HD. You are sure to enjoy this as much as we did because it brings an interesting premise to the forefront and delivers some highly erotic scenes. It's not porn for TRUE freaks, but it's a varied site that can help you discover a new kink or two.

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