Bubblegum Dungeon Review

Bubblegum Dungeon is a unique website because it combines really colorful aesthetics with really dark erotic content. The site’s sexual theme doesn't center around forcing (in kayfabe) young girls to give blowjobs to older men, as you'll find elsewhere on the web. The main attraction of the site is the way these ladies embrace the rough side of fucking. None of the chicks seem like the pain-addicted BDSM freaks they turn out to be, but that's what happens in these movies. You're going to see ladies getting fucked anally, fucked orally, pulled by the hair, name-called, whatever. The scenarios range from disturbing to mundane and there's nothing better than that. By the way, they are combining those two styles once in a while, which is also a great thing. The new vids are being added but the update schedule can be somewhat unpredictable. Good thing that there are many bonus websites such as AdultTime to fall back on! The women are a tad sleazy and they don't even try to hide it once the action really gets going!

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